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4 Mini-Workouts to Carpe the Hell out of this Diem!

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Get motivated and boost your energy levels with these 4 mini-workouts. 

We have put together a few of our favorite exercises to firm up the entire body quickly! 

    1.  Arms and Core
    2. Legs and Obliques
    3. Abs, abs, abs
    4. More Legs and Glutes

Video 1 is a series of plank push ups to target your arms and core. Do the video on 1 side then switch to the other side. Try 3-4 rounds. 


 Video 2 we get down with side lunges and side kicks to burn the obliques and strengthen the legs and glutes. Add in hand weights or ankle weights if you like. Try 3-4 rounds. 


 Video 3 is all about abs! Add in light weights, a kettle bell, or a medicine ball to really ramp up this 2 minute video. Try 2-3 rounds. 


Video 4 Is all about deep lunges and glutes! Add in ankle weights or light hand weights for an extra burn. Go for 3-4 rounds. 


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